Crew Training Centre – Southampton and CTC Aviation Headquarters UK

This purpose-built training centre is one of the largest in Europe and completely dedicated to the training of airline pilots.

The centre currently houses a range of resources utilised by airlines and trainees from around the world.

Our suite of 16 training rooms is equipped to support both WBT/CBT (Web and Computer Based Training) and traditional instructor-led courses from ATPL theory through to Examiner standardisation.

Additionally, the CAA has approved this facility as an ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examination centre.

Airline Resourcing & Selection Centre - Dibden Manor UK

Dibden Manor is a unique venue for airline pilot training, selection, resourcing and industry events.

We are renowned for our airline pilot selection services and it is here that we have based our Airline Resourcing & Selection Centre.

These dedicated facilities are equipped with the technology to assess both new entrant and experienced pilot aptitude and skills using ‘PILAPT’ - the Pilot Aptitude Testing system. This system sets the industry standard in computer-based-assessment for selecting both airline and military pilots. Dibden Manor is equipped with assessment rooms for both group discussion exercises and more formal interviews.

Dibden Manor is located near Southampton, on the south coast of England and set in beautiful grounds on the edge of the New Forest. It is easily accessible to local transport networks including motorway, rail, air and sea.

Crew Training Centre - Bournemouth UK

This purpose-built facility is our UK training centre for trainees in the multi-engine CPL and Instrument Rating stages of training with our various EASA ab-initio programmes- including CTC WINGS and CTC TAKEOFF.

Bournemouth International Airport is a key national and international gateway to Southern England, annually serving almost 1 million passengers and many popular destinations.

The airspace and airport (ILS and RADAR) matches that of New Zealand where the majority of our trainees begin their flight training and is ideally suited to develop their IFR skills in readiness for their skills test and airline flying careers.

Resources at our Crew Training Centre Bournemouth include a mixture of training aircraft, airline-style operations room, technical library, classrooms and numerous pre-briefing rooms.

Crew Training Centre – Phoenix Goodyear USA

In 2014 we announced a US$7 million investment in our new crew training centre at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona with a capacity for up to 200 pilot trainees per annum.

Our new Phoenix centre now provides additional capacity to complement our centres in NZ and the UK to train for our growing number of customers from both Europe and Asia.

The centre is based at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona. Our team and trainee pilots work alongside students of the Airline Training Centre of Arizona (ATCA) with whom we work as part of a Training Alliance.

The airfield is located to the West of the Phoenix Metropolis which allows access to an excellent flight training area and plentiful satellite training airfields


The CTC PRIVATEJET Centre provides comfortable lounge facilities for our passengers as well as a full Operations and Management suite.

With full airside access, the centre provides the opportunity for a quick and easy transfer to and from the aircraft.

Clients and their guests can relax in our private VIP lounge which is equipped with a wide range of refreshments and wireless internet access.

Crew Training Centre - Hamilton NZ

Our purpose-built Crew Training Centre at Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand provides ab initio airline training facilities and accommodation for more than 200 trainee pilots. The centre has a very international feel with trainees from around the world in training.

Based on a prime 1.8 hectare site at the airport, the 23,000 square feet centre hosts:

  • 10 pre-flight briefing rooms
  • 10 large lecture rooms
  • 1 crew room
  • Flight training aircraft

Flight planning and operations facilities as well as a dedicated maintenance facility are also located within the centre.

Our Clearways accommodation centre houses trainee pilots from all over the world and makes for a great living and social environment. The atmosphere at Clearways is buzzing! Everyone is there for the same reason and the camaraderie between trainee groups is fantastic.

Often compared to University accommodation, Clearways represents some of the best-equipped and modern trainee pilot accommodation complexes in the world with all room having en-suite facilities. Located just a 10 minutes from our training centre it is also close to the university town of Hamilton which has great social and sporting facilities on hand and of course all that New Zealand has to offer right on the doorstep.

NZ is one of the most beautiful countries to explore; a real bonus to be living somewhere so special as well as a flying career at the same time - who needs a gap year!

Crew Training Centre - London Gatwick UK

Chosen strategically for its convenient location close to London’s Gatwick Airport, CTC Aviation’s newest airline training facility is home to both new Airbus A320 and a Boeing 737-800W Level D full flight simulators.

Training at the new facility commenced in March 2015, with the first trainees coming from British Airways – both Future Pilot Programme graduates and experienced pilots converting to the Airbus A320 from other fleet types.

In this exclusive pilot training outsourcing decision by British Airways, CTC Aviation is delivering Airbus A320 conversion training for up to 200 of BA’s newly-qualified and experienced pilots; including those changing aircraft type to move into new command roles.

Crew Training Centre - Coventry UK

Investment to enable greater diversification and capacity in ab initio airline pilot training has enabled additional ATPL theoretical knowledge training capacity at a new Crew Training Centre – Coventry. This investment increases the company’s UK-based training and resourcing centres to a total of four purpose-built airline pilot training centres.

The centre at Coventry airport - previously managed by ‘ProPilot’ – currently provides three purpose-built classrooms (with plenty of room for further expansion) and a dedicated ground training instructor team currently headed by well-known industry figure, Jacqui Suren.

Trainee pilots on either the full-time, flagship CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes or CTC TAKEOFF flexible Integrated and Modular courses may now complete ATPL theoretical knowledge training at any one of CTC Aviation’s three Crew Training Centres equipped specifically for this purpose – Coventry and Southampton in the United Kingdom, or Hamilton in New Zealand.

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