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A vertically-integrated suite of outsourcing solutions and services for the global airline industry. Effectively offering an airline pilot training and resourcing department to all types of airlines.

For start-up airlines as well as those experiencing significant growth, we are able to supply specialist training, resources, management, expertise and skills on a flexible consultancy basis.

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Airline Partnerships

Hear it first hand from two of our Airline Partner CEOs, Carolyn McCall at EasyJet and Willie Walsh at British Airways (IAG) as they describe their thoughts about what we do for them and their trainees.

Airline pilot selection

Selection services for ab initio programmes (individual and airline) as well as the screening and assessment of qualified pilots.

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

Dibden Manor, (UK) or at a preferred location.

Ab initio airline pilot training

CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes – Integrated ATPL and Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) - delivered under a range of global aviation regulatory approvals.

CTC TAKEOFF professional pilot training courses - flexible modular options to meet the bespoke training needs of individual aspiring pilots.

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)
  • Coventry (UK)
  • Bournemouth (UK)
  • Hamilton (NZ)
  • Phoenix (US)

Multi-pilot 'bridge' training

Airline Qualification Courses (AQC) – the conversion of professional pilots holding single-pilot licences and ratings to become prepared for for multi-pilot aircraft type rating training courses.

Regulator approved Multi-crew Cooperation Courses (MCC) and bespoke airline Jet Orientation Courses (JOC).

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)

Aircraft type rating training

Available for the popular range of Airbus and Boeing commercial airliner types - using manufacturer or airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Low Visibility Operations (LVO) and pre-base training modules also available.

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)
  • London Gatwick (UK)

Command skills upgrade training

Airline pilot career development through our renowned aircraft commander skills upgrade programmes.

Can also be developed to meet specific customer airline requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)

Recurrent and refresher training

Short aircraft type training courses designed to refresh pilots already qualified on type needing Operator or Line Proficiency Checks (OPC/LPC).

Simulators, instructors and examiners available to conduct recurrent training and OPC/LPC testing to meet specific customer airline pilot recurrent requirements.

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)
  • London Gatwick (UK)

Instructor and examiner courses

Industry renowned Type Rating Instructor (TRI & TRITS) ‘Train the Trainer’ and Examiner (TRE & TRES) Standardisation courses.

Delivered by experienced airline pilot instructors current in the latest ‘best-practice’ skills.

Available at the following Crew Training Centres:

  • Southampton (UK)
  • London Gatwick (UK)

Qualified airline pilot supply

A bespoke pilot selection and resourcing service supplied by our dedicated CTC FLEXICREW team.

The provision of exceptional calibre, newly qualified pilots from our CTC WINGS and ATP scheme graduate databases.

Additionally, the provision of experienced co-pilots, captains, instructors, examiners as well as management personnel to meet the whole spectrum of specialist airline resourcing requirements.

Consultancy services

Whether you are an airline, regulator or aviation industry business either in start-up mode, undergoing significant growth or simply in need of specialist advice or skills.

Covering the whole spectrum from crewing, flight operations, project management, safety management through to senior management key post-holders - consultancy solutions from CTC Aviation could be just what you need.

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