A dedicated and unique service commitment to our graduates and our Airline Partners – connecting talent with flying career opportunities

Our exceptional airline placement service for graduates is managed by our dedicated team of airline resourcing specialists under our CTC FLEXICREW pilot resourcing brand.

Your chosen Route – either our CTC WINGS career programmes or CTC TAKEOFF training courses combined with our ATP Scheme will determine how you are subsequently supported by our CTC FLEXICREW team for placement with an Airline Partner.

CTC WINGS Graduates – Integrated ATPL 'Whitetail' Programme

If you choose our Integrated ATPL ‘Whitetail’ Route, you will receive Training Sponsorship from CTC Aviation after having passed selection with our airline resourcing team at Dibden Manor, which includes our dedicated airline placement service.

You will complete your training independent of an Airline Partner, thereby allowing you the freedom of choice of airline employer upon graduation.

Upon completion of leg 5 (see Route Guide 01) you will pass into our Airline Placement Pool (APP). Subject to meeting the minimum standards, our airline resourcing team will offer you airline placement opportunities for which you will require further airline type training (see Route Guide 01 - legs 6 and 7). The funding requirement for your airline type training will vary depending upon the individual Airline Partner.

CTC WINGS Graduates – Airline Partner Programmes

You may choose to apply for one of our very popular and highly competitive Airline Partner career programmes. These can be either Integrated ATPL or MPL career programmes. This option entails being pre-selected by both CTC Aviation and an Airline Partner to be offered enhanced Training Sponsorship.

The primary benefit is that from the very outset of the programme, you will know for which Airline Partner you are destined to fly upon completion of your training (subject to meeting the required CTC WINGS and Airline Partner standards).


If you chose a CTC TAKEOFF Route, you will receive the same high quality, professional training as trainees enrolled upon on our CTC WINGS Routes.

Upon completion of your CPL/MEIR training courses (either Integrated or Modular) you may apply for your licence. You may then apply for your overall training performance to be reviewed by our Head of Training who may then recommend you to our Training Review Board (TRB).

If your TRB review is successful, you will be invited to attend rigorous selection for our ATP scheme with our airline selection team at Dibden Manor (UK). Part of this process involves completing our Airline Qualification Course (AQC) to airline placement standard. The AQC is delivered on our jet simulators alongside trainees from our CTC WINGS career programmes.

If your performance during AQC is to the required standard, you will then be eligible to enter the CTC FLEXICREW ATP scheme database for potential placement with an Airline Partner.

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