About CTC Aviation

We are a global airline pilot training and resourcing company, providing innovative solutions in true partnership with our customers.

Our latest generation training centres and resources are located at attractive, well-connected and convenient locations in Southampton, Bournemouth, London and Coventry (UK), Phoenix (USA) and Hamilton (NZ).

We provide a wide range of aviation services from trainee pilot selection, career programmes and airline placement, to the more advanced selection, training and provisioning requirements for experienced pilots, instructors and examiners.

Career Programme

easyJet is one of Europe’s most successful airlines and has partnered with CTC Aviation for pilot training solutions since 1995, both in terms of trainee and experienced pilots.

This new CTC WINGS Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme is at the leading edge of airline pilot training innovation, with the additional option of combining with a BSc (Honours) Degree through Middlesex University.

Selected and mentored by easyJet from day one, you will embark upon a unique Route of training which will take you directly to the role of co-pilot on Airbus A320 aircraft, flying easyJet routes throughout Europe.

Throughout your training, you will join fellow trainee airline pilots to experience the skies in spectacular parts of the world as never before; as well as sharing adventures and making new friends that will last a lifetime.


  1. Fully mentored and supported CTC WINGS programme from CTC Aviation in partnership With easyJet
  2. Conditional offer of employment from easyJet prior to commencement of MPL training
  3. Employment as a co-pilot on airbus A320 aircraft with easyJet at the completion of training
  4. Provision of CTC WINGS ‘Performance Protection’ from CTC Aviation

Unique to our CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes - to provide ‘peace of mind’ and achieve competence during training by providing (if required) and without any additional fees:

  1. Additional training – ground and flight (aircraft and simulator)
  2. Re-testing – ATPL ground examinations and flight skills tests – including aircraft and UK CAA fees
  3. UK CAA regulatory fees (initial and any retests) for ground examinations and flight skills tests (CPL and IR)
  4. A refund of any monies deposited by you to secure your training sponsorship should we cease your training due to your skills falling below the minimum competence required for professional pilot licence issue, less a deductible of £5,000

CTC WINGS Sponsorship from CTC Aviation is unprecedented and is a continuing and clear commitment by us to the core values of excellence and enablement which have underpinned our company since day one.

  1. Access to a ‘Training Bond Sponsorship’ solution from CTC Aviation
  2. Access to bank loan funding*
  3. Repayment of ‘Training Bond’ (over seven years) in addition to salary once fully employed by easyJet
  4. Option to include the easyJet BSc (honours) degree in professional aviation pilot practice with potential access to uk government student loan funding**
  5. Training on the latest generation EFIS and TAS-equipped aircraft and simulators including upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT)

*Subject to Bank lending criteria and assessed on an individual basis **Subject to eligibility criteria

Route plan

Leg 1

Application and selection process

CTC Aviation 1 day assessment followed by a shortlist process. Top performing candidates will be invited to easyJet for a non-technical assessment day.

  • 1 day

Leg 2

MPL/ATPL Theoretical knowledge training

Classroom and iPad/computer-based UK or NZ

We integrate the use of Computer-Based Training (CBT) with self study and tutor-led instruction from some of the best instructors in the industry.

  • Approximately 26 weeks

Leg 3

Aircraft flight training

Single-engine piston aircraft NZ or USA

This is the flight training element of the core phase of the MPL syllabus that sets MPL apart from a traditional flight training programme. Flying the EFIS C172/DA40, you’ll learn the fundamentals of visual flying, basic instrument flying, night flying, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

  • Approximately 22 weeks

Leg 4

Multi-pilot flight training

A320 Jet simulator UK

Experiencing a multi-pilot environment for the first time, we introduce you to the A320 and jet operations for your instrument flight training using easyJet’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

An Initial Crew Resource Management (CRM) course covers Threat and Error Management training (TEM) and your Basic phase concludes with Line Orientated Flight Training (LOFT) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

  • Approximately 11 weeks

Leg 5

Aircraft type specific training

A320 Jet simulator UK

Type-technical ground school utilises advanced CBT and Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) technology and we develop your advanced handling skills on our motion A320 simulators utilising a more complete version of the easyJet’s SOPs. LOFT covers more complex scenarios, TEM training is further developed and you will complete the intermediate phase with Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

  • Approximately 7 weeks

Leg 6

Aircraft type specific training

A320 Jet simulator and A320 aircraft UK - with CTC Aviation and easyJet

The Advanced Phase in MPL is akin to type rating training. easyJet’s full airline SOPs are incorporated and you will learn to handle more complex system failures and emergencies in readiness for your Licence Skills Test (LST).

  • Approximately 4 weeks

Leg 7

easyJet training

Line Flying UK and Europe with easyJet Line Orientated Experience (LOE) and Line Check. You will also complete Safety, Emergency and Procedures training.

  • Approximately 10 weeks

Successful graduation from the MPL Route will provide you with

  1. A Multi-crew Pilot Licence on A320 aircraft with easyJet
  2. MPL/ATPL Theoretical Knowledge and examination passes
  3. A320 Aircraft type rating
  4. Bsc (Honours) Degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (if elected as an option)

Upon commencement of co-pilot flying with easyJet, you will continue to gain Line Oriented Experience (LOE) which will conclude with a final ‘line check’ with an easyJet training Captain. This experience may also contribute towards your BSc Degree (if elected as an option).


  • Holders of an MPL may apply for an ATPL upon meeting regulatory requirements as your easyJet career progresses.
  • An MPL does not permit you to work as a professional pilot on smaller aircraft that only require a single pilot without undertaking further single-pilot training.



The funding required for the complete CTC WINGS MPL in partnership with easyJet is £109,000, comprising:

  • Security Bond - £69,000 (paid in 13 instalments)

  • MPL Training Fee 1 - £20,800 (paid before the commencement of Leg 3 training)

  • MPL Training Fee 2 - £19,200 (paid before the commencement of Leg 6 training)

  • Self-catered accommodation is included within the above funding

Click here for potential funding solution options

Family of Flyers - Airline Staff Family Discount - Applicants with immediate family already employed by one of CTC Aviation’s Airline Partners will also benefit from a ‘family discount’ saving £3,000 *

*Immediate family constitutes husband, wife, mother, father or sibling. We will require proof in the form of a current and valid airline ID pass

Additional Fees

  • CTC Aviation Selection Fee
  • EASA Class 1 medical – EASA scale of charges
  • Travel and medical insurance for either NZ or USA
  • Insurances to protect life, personal property, finance and training expenses
  • UK CAA fees for initial licence issue, flight skills retesting (if required) and ATPL exam retakes (if required)
  • Food and subsistence costs

If the BSc Degree option is elected:

  • For more information refer to both the BSc Honours Degree and Finance and Funding information guides

Performance Protection

Joint pre-selection by the CTC Aviation and easyJet selection teams enables the following Performance Protection elements to be included:

Unique to our CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes, our ‘Performance Protection’ gives you peace of mind during training by providing the following (with no additional fees):

  1. All additional training – ground and flight
  2. All re-testing – ground examinations and flight skills tests
  3. All UK CAA regulatory charges (initial and retest) for ground examinations and flight skills tests
  4. A refund of any fees paid by you for training and testing services should we cease your training due to your skills falling below the minimum competence required for professional pilot licence issue; less a deductible of £5,000


Minimum Requirements

  1. Be at least 18 years of age to commence training (1st March 2016)
  2. Have the unrestricted right to live and work in the EEA or Switzerland
  3. Hold a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) Grade C or above, including maths, science and English language
  4. Hold either one of the following:
    • Two / Three A-Levels at grades C or above (or equivalent and excluding general studies and critical thinking) or
    • A Degree (or Higher Degree) at 2:2 or above
  5. Have no more than 85 hours powered flight experience
  6. Be fluent in English (verbal and written)
  7. Produce a CRC (Criminal Record Check) basic disclosure certificate before training can commence
  8. Minimum height 5’ 2” (157cm), maximum height 6’ 3” (190.5cm)**
  9. Be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 medical without restrictions
  10. Be available to start training from March 1st 2016

*see for international academic comparisons

**Applicants for CTC WINGS should be between 1.58 m (5ft 2 inches) to 1.91 m (6ft 3 inches) in height. Applicants who fall outside of this may still apply for CTC WINGS; however will be required to undergo an ergonomic assessment in our training aircraft and jet flight simulators prior to being accepted onto a CTC WINGS ab initio training course. Some airlines may impose strict height limits in accordance with the range shown, which could preclude you from placement with that airline post CPLIR training if you fall outside this height range.

Application Process

  1. Go to
  2. Check whether the application date ‘window’ is open
  3. Click on the ‘apply now’ button
  4. Complete the online application form and click ‘submit’
  5. You will receive an auto-response to acknowledge receipt of your application


  1. Your application will be screened by a member of the CTC Aviation selection team
  2. You will be contacted by email by a member of the CTC Aviation selection team to inform you whether your application has been successful
  3. If successful, you will be invited to attend a bespoke easyJet MPL selection day at the CTC Aviation Crew Resourcing and Selection Centre - Dibden Manor, Hampshire (UK)
  4. A final interview will take place at easyJet for those who meet the CTC WINGS and easyJet selection requirements.
  5. If not selected by easyJet, those meeting the CTC WINGS standards through the selection process will be eligible to enrol on the CTC WINGS Integrated ATPL Route

Need more information?

Our airline pilot careers advisers are available Monday - Friday 0900-1800 UK time.

Call +44 (0)2380 742 400 or make an online enquiry

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