We are a global airline pilot training and resourcing company, providing innovative solutions in partnership with our customers.

Our latest generation training centres and resources are located at attractive, well-connected and convenient locations in Southampton, Bournemouth, London Gatwick and Coventry (UK), Phoenix (USA) and Hamilton (NZ).

We provide a wide range of aviation services from trainee pilot selection, training and airline placement, to the more advanced selection, training and provisioning requirements for experienced pilots, instructors and examiners.


For newly qualified and licensed commercial pilots, achieving that first airline pilot role can be challenging and needs careful preparation and support. CTC ATP gives you access to an incredible range of First Officer opportunities.

CTC ATP is designed to select, train and prepare qualified professional pilots with a variety of flying experiences from EASA Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and operators to become eligible for aircraft type rating training and co-pilot placement with one of our growing number of Airline Partners including BA CityFlyer, easyJet, Flybe, Monarch and Thomas Cook Airlines.

Applicants will be invited to attend a selection day and enrol upon one of our world-renowned Airline Qualification Courses (AQC), suited to your previous flying experience. Our Airline Qualification Courses have long been selected by newly qualified commercial pilots as their ‘bridge’ course of choice to prepare them for their first airline role.

Airline Qualification Course (AQC)

CTC Aviation’s industry-renowned Airline Qualification Course is an advanced Multi-Crew Co-operation/Jet Orientation Course (MCC/JOC); An airline focused bridging course designed to fully prepare you for airline pilot operations in a commercial, multi-crew environment.

Those with existing and proven MCC training to CTC Aviation’s approved standard have the opportunity to join a shorter AQC designed to complement your previous training and/or operational experience.

Following selection, CTC Aviation will invite you to enrol upon either the full AQC or a ‘fast track’, reduced-cost course, reflecting your experience to date.

Those meeting the required standard on completion of training will be put forward for First Officer placement opportunities with one of CTC Aviation’s growing list of Airline Partners. Please be aware that airlines have differing eligibility requirements, for example, recency of training and standards achieved during all phases of flight training.

Key features

World renowned Airline Qualification Course delivered on Boeing or Airbus simulators at CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centre – Southampton

Unrivalled airline placement opportunities *

Airline Preparation Day - expert guidance from CTC Aviation’s selection team on how to present your CV and prepare for airline selection

Accommodation included for duration of the course

Option to complete a simulator refresher course

Potential access to funding subject to eligibility**

Simulator refresher option avialable

  • Subject to meeting CTC Aviation and Airline Placement Standards **Terms and conditions apply

Route Plan

This route plan is a guide to demonstrate the modules involved in the CTC ATP Route. Those who are eligible for a shorter AQC will be invited to enrol upon a ‘fast track’, abridged course, designed to complement your existing qualifications.

Leg 1

  • Application and selection process
  • Airline Resourcing and Selection Centre – Dibden Manor, UK
  • A comprehensive selection process with CTC Aviation. Our experienced assessor team will review your previous flying experience and recommend whether you are qualified to complete the full or ‘fast track’ AQC.
  • 1 day

Leg 2

  • Groundschool
  • Classroom and computer based
  • Crew Training Centre – Southampton, UK
  • This phase covers airline manuals and procedure; complex aircraft characteristics and flight path management; and the airline operating environment including flight planning, performance and an -analysis of ‘the typical flight’.
  • We will also introduce you to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), flight deck management, checklist usage and flight profiles.
  • 2 Days

Leg 3

  • CRM
  • Classroom and computer based
  • Crew Training Centre – Southampton, UK
  • Foundation level airline Crew Resource Management course.
  • 3 days

Leg 4

  • Multi-Crew Co-operation
  • Jet Simulator, Crew Training Centre – Southampton or London Gatwick, UK
  • 5 x shared four-hour simulator sessions in our B737 or A320 jet simulator with the emphasis on multi-crew operation in a Line Orientated Flight Training (LOFT) environment.
  • 5 days

Leg 5

  • Advanced Simulator Details
  • A series of 4-hour shared simulator details designed to develop key advanced handling skills, with further exercises dedicated to non-normal flight path management. This includes ‘Final Assessment’ which will assess your qualification for airline placement.
  • 4 Days

Successful graduation from this route (legs 1-4) will provide you with:

  • Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) completion certificate

These items combined with your CPL/MEIR are known as a ‘frozen’ ATPL. These are the minimum entry qualifications required to commence a type rating course and progress into line training with an airline.

Completion of selection and training to the required standard will unlock the opportunity for airline placement.

Legs 6-8 are subject to successful graduation from Leg 5.
Our graduate placement team will secure placement opportunities for you with our Airline Partners and, having successfully completed airline selection, you will progress to Legs 7 and 8.

Upon joining your airline, you will continue with further line training (carrying passengers) which will conclude with a ‘final line check’ by your airline training captain.

Leg 6

  • Airline Preparation Day
  • Throughout your CTC ATP training, your airline instructors integrate personal development exercises to fully prepare you for the airline environment. This final day ties your training together and provides expert guidance from CTC Aviation’s selection team on how to present your CV and prepare for airline selection.
  • 1 day

Leg 7

  • Aircraft Type Specific Training
  • Jet Simulator
  • CTC Aviation/Airline Partner
  • Simulator and aircraft training including advanced UPRT or CTC Aviation/Airline Partner.
  • Approximately 8 weeks

Leg 8

  • Line Flying
  • Airline Partner
  • Line Orientated Experience (LOE) and Line Check with Airline Partner. You will also complete Safety, Emergency and Procedures training (SEP)
  • Approximately 8 months



The funding required for AQC and shorter is £9360

The funding required for shorter AQC routes will be at a reduced price, according to the training programme on which you enrol.

Additional options

Simulator Refresher: For those who have taken a break in their training, CTC Aviation recommends completing a refresher before enrolling on your course.

This is not required to commence training; however, depending on your training history, CTC Aviation’s selection team may recommend a refresher package to enhance your ability to finish the course to the required standard and unlock airline placement opportunities.

CTC Aviation’s optional refresher package starts from £150+VAT.

What’s included

  • Self-catered accommodation for the duration of training

Additional Fees

  • CTC Aviation Selection Fee
  • Initial Class 1 Medical and renewal fees
  • Loss of medical, life and personal property insurances
  • English language testing (where applicable)
  • Food and subsistence costs
  • Travel to and from CTC Aviation Crew Training Centres

Terms and conditions apply


Minimum requirements Required

  • Current EASA CPL/MEIR*
  • 1st series CPL/IR
  • No more than three ATPL subjects passed at second attempt
  • Current EASA unrestricted Class 1 Medical
  • Hold ICAO English level 4 or higher
  • Hold the unrestricted right to live and work in the EEA
  • To be within airline manufacturer ergonomic limits (157cm -191cm)**

Please note: we cannot accept applications from those who hold a type rating for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of more than 10 tonnes.

Those who may be considered for a shorter AQC course must hold the above, plus -

  • Valid MCC on Jet device (with MCC experience within the last 12 months)
  • General Aviation flying experience within the last 12 months (e.g. Flight Instructor)

*In order to qualify for airline placement with a number of our Airline Partners, you will need to be prepared to transfer this to a UK issued EASA Licence

**If you fall outside of these limits, CTC Aviation can arrange ergonomic testing prior to course commitment.

Application Process

  • Click on the ‘apply now’ button

  • Complete the online application form and submit

  • You will receive an auto response to acknowledge the receipt of your application.


Your application will be screened by a member of the CTC Aviation team and we will contact you to inform you whether your application has been successful.

If successful, you will be invited to attend a selection day at CTC Aviation’s Airline Resourcing and Selection Centre – Dibden Manor, UK.

Both your previous training record and performance at selection will be considered to determine whether you are eligible for the full AQC, or a shorter, ‘fast track’ course.

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